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Bleacher Report: From 150 Servers to Just 8

Efficiently managing more than 200 million daily push notifications. The system achieves over 1.5 billion monthly page views at its peak performance, all while utilizing a mere 8 servers.

Bleach Report from Ruby to Elixir

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WhatsApp: Only 50 Software Engineers and 900,000,000 Users

WhatsApp utilizes Erlang for concurrent programming, as internet services demand more efficient languages to handle increasing tasks. WhatsApp's success lies in focusing on core tasks , minimizing distractions, and avoiding meetings.

WhatsApp Erlang BEAM

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Discord: 5,000,000 Concurrent Users and Millions of Events per Second

Discord embraced Elixir early, leveraging the Erlang VM for a highly concurrent, real-time system. The Elixir prototype established today's infrastructure. We'd choose the same path again!

Discord Elixir early adopter

Elixir is Special

Elixir is a functional programming language built on the BEAM, a foundation that's almost 40 years old.

BEAM is a one-of-a-kind runtime that utilizes parallelism and fault tolerance.

Simply put, Elixir has an unparalleled capability to manage high levels of concurrency and handle faults while allowing clean code writing.

Elixir Case Studies

Real-world examples of how Elixir, Erlang, BEAM, OTP, Phoenix tech stack has been successfully implemented, and the key benefits and results achieved.

Bleacher Report

  • 150 servers were reduced to just 8
  • Ability to handle 8x the traffic without autoscaling
  • Adding content to all streams went from 30-40 seconds to 3-4 seconds
  • 95th percentile latency hovers around 100ms and is not noticeably affected by traffic spikes
  • Runs on about 1/10th of the servers with low CPU utilization
  • 10x reduction in the time it takes to update the site
  • The system easily handles over 200 million push notifications per day



  • Only 50 Software Engineers and 900,000,000 Users
  • Back in 2011, WhatsApp was able to handle one million established TCP sessions on a single machine, with plenty of memory and CPU capacity to spare.
  • Back in 2013, WhatsApp managed to process a whopping 18 billion messages within just 24 hours. This included 7 billion incoming messages and 11 billion outgoing messages.


More Elixir case studies.

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Elixir is the second most loved language while Phoenix is the most loved framework on the planet .

"You can't compete with someone who is having fun" — Naval Ravikant

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